EVERY MOVE OF GOD REQUIRES US TO MOVE OUR POSITION, enhance our way of thinking, and consider new possibilities. Our life has changed in ways we could never have imagined or predicted! What was working for you in the past probably won't work as well in the future! This is an imperative time to reassess, reinvent, and reset everything.

If you want to learn what it takes to make the shift to leading apostolically, then please join us here on APOSTOLIC-MENTOR.


I use to look for power and knowledge in Charismatic and Pentecostal circles, but quickly found out those are a dime a dozen!

Now I am drawn to someone who serves without pretense, values THE WELL BEING OF OTHERS, AND TRULY EXEMPLIFIES HUMILITY!

So today, I cherish the friendship and mentorship of Dr. Kluane Spake.

She truly is an anomaly and root out of a dry ground (Apostolically) who has made an immeasurable impartation in my life and ministry!

Thank You Dr. Kluane for being organically and authentically YOU!!!!!

I enjoyed our conversation and Your Wisdom on today as always! Not only are you an invaluable Mentor, you're an invaluable Confidante too!

There's is nothing like connecting with Real People who are really interested in your Life, Leadership and Legacy!

It's a Precious Commodity in the Day we Live in where Authenticity is undervalued!!!!

Apostle Steve Moffett

Rehoboth International Ministries

How can I help you?

One of the very first phrases Dr. Kluane uttered to me, and the first person I can ever recall (outside of my spouse) asking me how they could help me to grow and succeed in ministry and all that God had called me to do.

She has been true to her words. She has listened, has contributed, has prayed, and has prophesied. I have personally and professionally benefited in numerous ways and have seen ministry growth during a season where I know many have struggled.

We have taken the time over the last 5 years to build a relationship. In the midst of that, we’ve gotten to know each other, how to best communicate with each other, and therefore, how to receive from each other. Whether by way of her many books, phone calls, or by opportunities to travel with her as she ministers, she is a true teacher at heart and is always pouring out those invaluable nuggets of Wisdom.

I was challenged, as many are, with personal growth and direction as I stepped into the ministry call upon my life. Her accountability, support, and willingness to connect me with the right people at the right time opened so many doors of opportunity for me. I have thrived personally– due to her influence and nurturing touch and continue to flourish as we embark upon our 6th year in the mentoring relationship.

For years I was on my own, sometimes thinking this was “the way it was”. But then, through Dr. K, I was introduced to the power and possibilities that existed with Apostolic Mentorship. Things almost instantly took shape and began to bloom. I have been so impacted, that Apostolic mentorship has become a key activity for me as I mentor others and spend that all time with them around that important question, “How can I support you? It’s what Apostolic Mentorship is all about!

Pastor Victoria L. Burse

The ARC International Ministriesl

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